改變世界 To change the world
修行本是在「錯誤」之中,找尋『 對』的出路。 The practice is under mistake, looks for right outlet.
當所有的人都向權力的那一端靠攏~When all the people move closer to the end of the authority!!!
也要堅定立場站在真理的那一端. Also stand firmly on the end of the truth!!!
不是人多廟大就代表那是真理.有時群眾也是盲目的跟隨. Not so many people, big temple stand for the truth!!! Sometimes the masses blindly follow.
畢竟看熱鬧的會比當事人多. After all, People always are meddlesome!!!
所以要更堅定自己的道念.也要相信自己的信仰! So you want to strengthen own thinking, also believe own beliefs!!!
尊榮與卑微只是一體兩面 Honor and humble just Two sides of the same coin.
尊榮是從一百個卑微之後得到的 The honor is from one hundred humble.
道..沒有掌聲與喝采!!! Tao has not applause and praise!!!
道是沉默與清靜!! 道就是低調!!! Tao is silence and quiet!!! Tao is low key!!!
試著拋開凡俗來崑崙山修行!!! Try to abandon the secular to meditate Kunlun.
試著救助世人..雖然我們的力量很卑微.. Try to save the world. although our power is humble!!!
拋棄世俗就是跳出社會的框框, 清礎看清社會病態. To abandon the secular is jump from the society to clear to see the sickness of the society!!!
並不是要放棄社會 相反的; 修行就要有改善社會的用心 Not to abandon the society. The contray; Meditation Practice is to improve the society.
改變世界是困難的.. It is difficult to change the world.
拯救人類也是困難的 It is also difficult to save mankind.
您我他的溝通也是困難的 The communication of you ,he and me is also difficult.
文字的表達.. 讓您聽懂我的吶喊也是困難的 Expression of the text, You understand my call is
also difficult.
但我會努力讓世人懂得我 But I will try to let the world know me.
因為我們要改變世界..所以我們現 在要努力以赴 Because we want to change the world .. we are going to make effort to
修行本是在「錯誤」之中,找尋『 對』的出路。 The practice is under mistake, looks for right outlet.
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