泓師父談否極泰來 Extremes meet 淨三業神咒. Net three industry mantra. 身中諸內境。Within the body in all
territory. 三萬六千神. Thirty-six thousand gods.
動作履行藏。Action to fulfill possession. 前劫並後業。 before robbery and after
industry. 願我身自在。 I like the body itself.
常住三寶中。Resident in Sambo. 當於劫壞時。When a bad time in the robbery. 我身常不滅。I often body immortal.
誦此真文時 when Recite this True text 身、心、口業皆清淨。Body, mind, mouth
industry are clean. 急急如律令敕: Rush As Imperative order
泓師父在嘉義市遇到一位街友 I encounter a homeless friend at Chaiyi
兩個警察正在驅趕他,因為他喝得酩酊大醉 Two policeman were driving out him, because of his dead drunk.
這位街友已經在共生家園八年之久 The homeless friend had lived in Hebron for 8
此人50多歲,卻已走投無路 The desperate man was fifty more years old.
人生的結果流落街頭實在可憐 It is reallt poor to be a homeless man.
隔天我開車經過,他還在睡覺 Next day I passed by. He was sleeping.
我心想他一定沒機會了 I think that he must be lost his opportunity.
這世界一定無法再給他機會了,沒人會收容他. The world could not give him opportunity. No one can accept him.
人生走入了絕境 Life came into a corner.
我下車探視他,身旁滿布蟑螂 I got out to save him and he was full of
我在想這個人已是絕望透頂 I think the man is hopeless.
我告訴他提著行李,跟我上崑崙山 I told him to go to Kunlun with me.
泓師父要說的是否極泰來 What I said is When misfortune reaches the
limit, good fortune is at hand..
您 When the world can not help you, only the God,Mu Niang can save you.
以救您 When you were not worthy to be saved, only God,Mu Niang can help you.
母娘救助.否極泰來獲得一線生機 The God saved him. Extremes meet to have a chance of survival.
我跟他說只能救一次,如果再墮落便沒得救了 I told him only one time to save him. If he sinks low again,no one can help him.
此人能懂的知恩圖報,從此便過著正常生活 The man understood thanksgiving, and He had a regular life.
不要放棄生命的困境 Do not give up the hardship of life.
全世界都不能幫您的時候,還有神會救您 The world can not help you,only the God can
save you.
您還有機會反彈上升,相信泓師父您會否極泰來 You have the chance to rebound. Believe Master Hozn,you will get goodness.
台灣崑崙山王母娘娘 Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn
who is the Abbot of  Kunlun Yozu Palace
in Taiwan Yushan lines.


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