泓師祈願文  Master Hozn Prayer
叩求  諸尊佛聖、上下神祇、降鑒微忱、如願所請、
Pray to all Gods,May My hope come true!!
為弟子(報姓名) May God bless me.
本命降真靈、宅舍得安寧、 父母保長生、諸厭化為塵、 A spiritual life and a peaceful family.
Parents are long life,all evil converts into
萬邪自歸正、營業得稱情、 闔門自康寧、子孫保榮盛、 All demons convert the right. Business is
prosperous.Family is healthy. The children are auspicious.
六畜保興生、疾病得安痊、 The way is mastery,the evil forever eliminated.
Domestic animals is healthy, disease can
財物不虛耗、橫事永不起、 長保亨利貞、 The property is not wasted. Bad
things will never occur. Always peaceful !!!
使能消災以度厄、Enable misfortunes to pass by. 三災同令之厄、道城之異之厄、The distress of three catastrophes,the territory war,
天羅地網之厄、官符口舌之厄、 破方五鬼之厄、無端疾病之厄、 the inescapable dragnet, the lawsuit,the five ghosts,the diseases.
Eliminate trespass,Exempt from sin,Remove
doom,Eliminate disaster
種種災厄如塵化、 般般禍患似冰消, Various disaster converts into dust.
Plague are reconciled
伏  願  南箕賜福丹臺書有享之年
Bowed to the ground hoping!!
May South Immortals bless with wealth!!! May North Immortals bless with long life!!!
家門迪吉、人口平安、所求所願、咸賜如言 Male has good fortune,female satisfied auspicious.
Family get good luck,people get peace. All wishes,coming true!!!
Bowed three times,A bow,again,Three bows
台灣崑崙山王母娘娘 Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn
who is the Abbot of  Kunlun Yozu Palace
in Taiwan Yushan lines.
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