感受寂寞是修行的第一步.. The first step of practice ..is to feel lonely

崑崙山台北社子瑤池宮靜坐  Kunlun Jade Pool Palace Taipei Shezi Meditation!!

八卦開天台 Eight Trigrams open roof

無極通太極  Wu Chi through Tai Chi

我心照真靈 My Heart reflect Spirit!!

清靜見母來;Mu Niang is coming!!!

人體猶如星空天台,The human body like a Star roof,

要從小周天運行八卦、The Body is running Eight Trigrams ,

通行真氣,Access infuriating,

人才能身、心、靈、合一,Person to the body, mind, and spirit, unity,

才能要觀照本心,In order to contemplation of Conscience,

而能通靈達真,The psychic energy makes truth,

只要排除外緣障礙,As long as the outer edge of exclusion barriers

便能清靜而啟動靈能­,Spirit will be able to grow

這就找到了靈性源頭,This will found a spiritual source,

也就是見到了母娘。Saw the Mu Niang.

感受寂寞是修行的第一步。Feelings of loneliness is the first step of practice.

唯有寂寞才識得清靜;Only very quiet loneliness can be quiet insight;

寂寞是形單影隻、Loneliness is alone and only,

是孤帆遠影、Is Gufanyuanying,(lonely boat)

當人能獨立於塵世、When people can be independent in the world!!!,

不再隨塵世載浮載沉,Floating up with the earth no longer sink,

即使是市井小民或深山修行,Even the man in the street or deep cultivation,

感受了寂寞、Feelings of loneliness,

感受到自己是­獨立個體,Feel that he is - an independent entity,

便是踏入修行的第一步。Is the first step into the practice.

唯有寂寞,才能一片空白、Only the lonely, to a blank,

才能找到自我,從零開始、To find themselves, from scratch,

從靈著手,Proceed from the Spirit,

命絕對是要努力的,Life definitely is hard,

有寂寞的感覺,Have the feeling of loneliness,

才能冷靜看待事物,To look at things calmly,

分辨好壞,Distinguish between good and bad,

才能檢視自己良心,To view their own conscience,

啟動反省機制,Start reflection mechanism,

本性才不­會迷失。Nature it does not - get lost.

母娘的愛子要發很多的時間  Mother's love child spends a lot of time

來維持自己的身、心、靈、安頓的事;To maintain their own body, mind, and spirit, to settle the matter;

自己有自己的環境,Their own environment,

要照顧好自己的起心動念,Take care of yourself from the heart of the concept,

不是不能生氣、Just can not get angry,

不是不能做錯、No cannot doing wrong,

而是行事總要為未來留有餘地、But act always leave room for the future,

母娘­道的修行就是在做修圓的工作;Mu Niang Tao is rounding practice is to do the work;


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