崑崙泓師說:工作修行 Working Practice 太上台星。應變無停。 Tai Shiong Thai Xin, Yin Bhian Boo Theng 驅邪縛魅。保命護身。 Khoo Sia Pok Muey, Poh Meng Hor Sin
智慧明淨。心神安寧。 Tee Hwee Beng Cheng, Sim Sin An Neng 三魂永久。魄無喪傾。 Sam Hoon Yong Kiew, Piek Boo Shong Kheng
崑崙泓師說:工作修行 Working Practice
人從年輕開始便須有工作 Human from young begining must need work
員工或老闆角色不同 There are different roles from the employees and the boss.
工作辛苦卻不足以因應生活負擔Working hard but not enough of the burden of living,
要有輕鬆的工作也是很困難 It is also very difficult to own easy task.
勞資雙方總是對立而競爭 Both employers and employees are always in opposing and
能力越好的人,工作壓力越重 The capable people has the heavier working
工作疲憊,洗澡,吃飯,睡覺,沒有空間 Working exhaustion,bathing,eating,sleeping, and there is no space to do any other things.
人生之中工作非常重要 In human life, work is very important.
但是您工作做得起勁嗎? But do you work enthusiastically???
老闆為了立足求生存,必須花費心思 The boss must think more in order to survive.
成為賺錢的企業,但談何容易 To become a profitable company. But not so
企業競爭,不容易成功 Business competition is not easy to
企業到最後大吃小,小企業無以生存空間 Finally,the big enterprises annex the small
The small enterprises do not have living
拋開世俗的煩擾,不在意薪水多少,努力以赴 Set aside secular annoyance, do not care salsries how much. Make effort to work.
對工作的專注力,專心把工作做好 Focus on the work. Concentrate on the job.
全力以赴把工作做好 Go all out to get the job done.
否則應另尋出路,離開這個工作 Otherwise, find another way,Leave the work.
想要出類拔萃,您必須對工作的專注力 To be excellent,you must concentrate your
先不要管現實因素,不要想能賺多少錢 Exclude the reality factors,do not think of
把事情做好的決心和毅力 Do a good job with determination and
工作的專注力,對年輕人,對中老年人都重要 Concentration of work is important for the young,the elderly.
跳脫勞資對立的關係,找出您的興趣 Escape from the labor relationship of
Find your interests.
找出您的天命,認識工作修行,感謝大家 To find your destiny,and understand the work practice.Thank you.
台灣崑崙山王母娘娘 Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn
who is the Abbot of  Kunlun Yozu Palace  in Taiwan Yushan lines.



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