泓師父談 羯臘摩經 Kalama Sutta
一、不因為他人的口傳、傳說,就信以為真。Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing;
二、不因為奉行傳統,就信以為真。 Nor upon tradition;
三、不因為是正在流傳的消息,就信以為真。 Nor upon rumor;
四、不因為是宗教經典書本,就信以為真。 Nor upon what is in a scripture;
五、不因為根據邏輯,就信以為真。 Nor upon surmise;
六、不因為根據哲理,就信以為真。 Nor upon an axiom;
七、不因為符合常識外在推理,就信以為真。 Nor upon specious reasoning;
八、不因為符合自己的預測、見解、觀念,就信以為真。 Nor upon the thinking, prediction, conception that you like;
九、不因為演說者的威信,就信以為真。 Nor upon another's seeming ability;
十、不因為他是導師、大師,就信以為真。 Nor upon the consideration, "The monk is our teacher."
佛與魔本是一念之間.. There is only a line of thinking between the Buddha and the Devil.
任何的信仰必須導致好的結果才是佛.. Any belief must lead to a good result. That is the Buddha.
如果讓您身體生病,心靈干擾,生活變調..這都是魔 If your body is sick, your mind is interfered, your life is in disorder, that is the Devil.
以靈為戒,宗教不能束縛人心 Spiritual as a warning, the human mind could not be bound by religion.
台灣崑崙山王母娘娘 Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn


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