太上老君清靜經 The laozi Quiet Scripture

老君曰: The laozi say:
大道無形Avenue invisible
生育天地World Fertility
大道無情Avenue ruthless
運行日月Sun and the moon run
大道無名Avenue Unknown
長養萬物Long support of all things
吾不知其名I do not know its name
強名曰道Strong Dubbed "Tao"..

夫道者。  Hoou!!!!  Dao.

有清有濁。 There are clear and turbid.

有動有靜。 There are movement and static.

天清地濁。Heaven is clear and earth is turbid

天動地靜。Heaven is movement and earth is static.

男清女濁。Men is clear and Women is turbid!!!

男動女靜。Men is movement and Women is static.

降本流末。From the end Back to the original

而生萬物。Born of all things.

清者濁之源。Clear who the source of turbid.

動者靜之基。Movement is the base of static.

人能常清靜。People can be always quiet.

天地悉皆歸。The world leads to quiet.

夫人神好清。Hooun!!! The human spirit needs clear!!!

而心擾之。 But The disturbance of the mind.

人心好靜。 The human mind needs quiet!!!

而慾牽之。  But the desire affects mental .

常能遣其慾。You can manage the desire .

而心自靜。  The mind will be quiet.

常澄其心。 To clarify your mind.

而神自清。 The spirit will be self-cleaning.

自然六慾不生。There are naturally no six desires .

三毒消滅。 Three poisons eliminated.

所不能者。Those who can not.

惟心未澄。The mind will not be clarified.

慾未遣也。The desire you can not manage .

能遣之者。 When you manage your desire!!!

內觀其心。 In view of the mind.

心無其心。 But never mind!!!

外觀其形。 The appearance of the mind.

形無其形。 But never shape!!!

遠觀其物。The material from distance!!!

物無其物。 But never seen!!!

三者既悟。Above three could understand!!!

惟見於空。 But found empty.

觀空亦空。The concept of space is also empty.

空無所空。Empty nothing empty.

所空既無。Neither are empty.

無無亦無。No no no.

無無既無。None None neither.

湛然常寂。Always silence

寂無所寂。Nothing lonely silence.

慾豈能生。 For how can make a desire???.

慾既不生。The desire can not be made!!

即是真靜。Real Quiet!!!

真常應物。Every material is Real Quiet!!!

真常得性。Every character is Real Quiet!!!

常應常靜。Everything is Real Quiet!!!

常清靜矣。Always Real Quiet!!!

如此清靜。So quiet.

漸入真道。Getting into the truth of Tao.

既入真道。Then into the truth of Tao.

名為得道。Called enlightenment.

雖名得道。Although the name of enlightenment.

實無所得。The truth Is no income.

為化眾生。As of beings.

名為得道。Called enlightenment.

能悟之者。Those who can realize.

可傳聖道。Be available for Saint Tao.

太上老君曰:Lord Lao Zi said:

上士無爭。Superior gentry non-confrontational

下士好爭。Inferior persons good fight.

上德不德。Superior morals are not on morals

下德執德。Inferior morals is on morals

執著之者。Persist in those.

不明道德。Unknown morals

眾生所以不得真道者。 Beings do not know Tao.

惟有妄心。Only with Absurd mind.

既有妄心。Then with Absurd mind.

即驚其神。So The shock of their spirit.

既驚其神。Then shock of their spirit.

即著萬物。So Persist in everything.

既著萬物。Then Persist in everything.

即生貪求。So Being greedy for.

既生貪求。Then being greedy for.

即是煩惱。So Trouble .

煩惱妄想。Then Trouble delusion.

憂苦身心。Sorrows mind.

便遭濁辱。Then Being dirty shame.

流浪生死。Street life and death.

常沉苦海。Sinks to sea of bitterness

永失真道。Permanent distort Tao.

真常之道。Always true Tao

悟者自得。The prophet gets!!!

得悟道者。Those who have enlightenment.

常清靜矣。Always Quiet!!!!


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