平凡就是幸福  Ordinary is happiness


Ordinary;Do not have to seek the first fight, but always strive to work!!


Ordinary;Do not risk life for the money , but always hard work;


 Ordinary;Do not live for the money, but always thrifty enough;


Ordinary; Do not rich but uncharitable, but always spiritual prosperity;


Ordinary;Do not have a long short, but always performance characteristics;


Ordinary;Do not pursue  luxury, but always get a taste;


Ordinary;Do not Pursue fame and fortune, but always pay attention to health;


Ordinary; Do not  lost spirituality, but always full of spiritual energy;


Ordinary; Do not be glamorous, but always life practice;


Ordinary;Do not move to be blamed, but always life skills harmony;


Ordinary;Do not outstand, but always highlight the inherent;

平凡不必追求成功,但總是成就俗世。Ordinary; Do not succeed, but  always achieve earthliness

幸福的鑰匙在於轉念   The key to happiness is switched

每個人都是自己的工程師, Everyone is their own engineers,

可以塑造自我的內心世界, Can shape the inner world of self,

可以靠自己的修持來變化氣質。 You can rely on your own self-cultivation to change temperament.

唯有!!!   Only!!!  自我反省、Self-reflection,  自我改造,Self-transformation,

將可以  Will be

貪欲轉變成喜捨,  Greed into giving

瞋怒轉變成慈悲, Anger into compassion,

嫉妒轉變成寬宏, Jealousy into generous,

自私轉變成中道, Selfishness into middle,

偏執轉變成溫和,  Paranoia into mild,

驕傲轉變成謙虛;  Pride into humility;

才能擁有圓滿的人生。 People can have successful Life.


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