Tao Te Ching   道德經   Tao Scripture道德經卷一(1~10)


Written by  Lao-Tzu (About 604 BC - 470 BC)  Revised translation by Matt

第一章 chapter 1

道 可 道 , The Way (Tao) that can be described

非 常 道 。 The Tao  is not the absolute Way  !!!

名 可 名 , If you could name the Tao!!!

非 常 名 。The Tao is not what you name !!!

無 名 天 地 之 始 ﹔Nameless  ,it is the source of all things;

有 名 萬 物 之 母 。 Named ,it is the mother of all things !!!

故 常 無 ,  It is dynamic ,

欲 以 觀 其 妙 ﹔those without desire see its inner essence;

常 有 ,  Also It is often fixed,

欲 以 觀 其 徼。 Those with desire only  see its external  appearance;

此 兩 者 ,These two are the same  .

同 出 而 異 名 ,But what is produced has different names,

同 謂 之 玄 。It is mysterious.

玄 之 又 玄,mystery of mysteries

眾 妙 之 門 。 It is the door to the essence of all things  !!!

Ps:註!!(有一個眾妙之門在道與世界之間..  那是無極與太極的門..
我們稱之混沌.. It is  a gate between Wu Chi and Tai Chi  ..
We call Chaos.)

第二章  Chapter  2

天下  The world !!!

皆知美之為美, When the people of the world come to know beauty as beauty  !!!

斯惡已。  then the need for  ugliness arises!!!

皆知善之為善,The good is known as  good!!!

斯不善已。 The bad is known as  bad!!!

故有無相生,Therefore, existence  and non existence produce each other  .

難易相成,The difficult and easy complement each other  !!

長短相較,  The long  and  the short is contrast each other !!

高下相傾,The high and the low distinguish  each other!!

音聲相和,The sound and the voice are in chorus!!

前後相隨。 The start and the end  follow each other!!!  !!!

是以聖人    Therefore,the sage manage without interfering

處無為之事,through non action  !!

行不言之教;Teach without using words (by example)

萬物    Everything is achieved!!

作焉而不辭,Operating without a break

生而不有,Lives does not have,

為而不恃,They act but do not reply on their own abilit  .

功成而弗居。they accomplish but do not claim credit.

夫唯弗居,Because they do not claim credit  !!

是以不去。 Their accomplishments are remembered !!!

Ps:註!!(這世界已經被設定好了..This world has been set up!!!)

第三章  chapter 3

不尚賢, Do not exalt the sage,

使民不爭;So people will not compete.

不貴難得之貨,Don’t cherish the rare goods,

使民不為盜;So people do not steal for the rare goods.

不見可欲,Do not display objects of desire

使民心不亂。so that people's hearts will not be disturbed!!!

是以聖人之治,Therefore the sage leads by keeping

虛其心,keeping their mind empty,(purifying their heart )

實其腹,keeping their stomach full (of qi),

弱其志, keeping their ambition weak .

強其骨。 keeping their body strong

常使民無知無欲。in this way people will become pure in their thoughts

使夫智者不敢為也。and will be rid of desire

為無為,focus on inaction

則無不治。Thereby, everything can be achieved

Ps:註!!(不要被自己的慾望所驅使 Do not be driven by your desire)


道沖而  The Way is infinite ,

用之或不盈,its use can never become exhausted!!!

淵兮  It is bottomless,

似萬物之宗;Like the foundation of all things,

挫其銳,It smooths its roughness,

解其紛,it unties its tangles

和其光,it softens its light

同其塵,its calms its turbulence,

湛兮  Profound and still,

似或存。always present,

吾不知誰之子,I do not know its source ,

象帝之先。It seems to have existed before Laozi !!!

Ps:註!!(老子已經感受到宇宙的母源 Lao-Tzu  have felt the maternal universe.)


天地不仁,The Tao is impartial and does not take sides,

以萬物為芻狗;The Tao will  treat everything alike.

聖人不仁,The sage does not take sides.

以百姓為芻狗。The sage will  treat all men alike

天地之間,The world !!! The way!!!

其猶橐籥ㄊㄨㄛˊ ㄩㄝˋ乎﹖ The Tao is like a bellows ,

虛而不屈,It is empty yet infinitely capable,

動而愈出。The more you use it ,the more it produces,

多言數窮,Talk more , then understand less .

不如守中。Would rather Keeping middle way.

Ps:註!!(人類應該隨天地脈動而生活!! Human beings should live with the pulse of the world!!)


谷神不死,The spirit of the valley never dies ,

是謂玄牝。It is called the mystical female ,

玄牝之門,The gate  of the mystical female ,

是謂天地根。is the root of heaven and earth,

綿綿若存,It seems to be continuously within use ,

用之不勤。 Use it and it will never be exhausted

Ps:註!!(老子感應到靈性母娘的存在  Lao-Tzu had sensed the presence of the spiritual Mu Niang!!!)

第七章  Chapter 7

天長地久。Heaven is eternal, and the earth is very old.

天地所以能長且久者,They can be eternal and long lasting,

以其不自生,because they do not exist for themselves,

故能長生。and for this reason can long endure.

是以聖人後其身  Therefore the wise put themselves last,

而身先;but find themselves foremost.

外其身   They exclude themselves,

而身存。 and yet they always remain.

非以其無私邪,Is it not because they do not live for themselves

故能成其私。that they find themselves fulfilled?

Ps:註!!( 人類不能自生;我們需要天地萬物; Mankind can not self; we need to all things;)

第八章  Chapter 8

上善若水。The best are like water.

水善利  Water benefits all things

萬物而不爭,and does not compete with them.

處眾人之所惡,It flows to the lowest level that people disdain.

故幾於道。In this it comes near to the Way.

居善地,In their dwellings, they love the earth.

心善淵,In their hearts, they love what is profound.

與善仁,In their friendship, they love humanity.

言善信,In their words, they love sincerity.

正善治,In government, they love peace.

事善能,In business, they love ability.

動善時。In their actions, they love timeliness.

夫唯不爭,It is because they do not compete

故無尤。 that there is no resentment.

Ps:註!!( 做人的道理在於五行元素 The truth of mankind is the Five Elements)

第九章   Chapter 9

持而盈之,Stretch a bow to the very full,

不如其已;and you will wish you had stopped in time.

揣ㄔㄨㄞˇ而梲ㄊㄨㄛ之,Temper a sword-edge to its very sharpest,

不可長保。and the edge will not last long.

金玉滿堂,When gold and jade fill your hall,

莫之能守;you will not be able to keep them safe.

富貴而驕,To be proud with honor and wealth

自遺其咎。is to cause one's own downfall.

功成身退,Withdraw as soon as your work is done.

天之道也。 Such is heaven's way.

Ps:註!!(道就是低調:像母親一樣  Tao is a low-key: like a mother)

第十章   Chapter 10

載營魄抱一,Can you embrace the Tao with your soul,

能無離乎﹖ and never depart from the Tao?

專氣致柔,Can you concentrate your vital force

能嬰兒乎﹖to achieve the gentleness of a new-born baby?

滌除玄覽,Can you cleanse and purify your mystic vision

能無疵乎﹖until it is clear?

愛國治民,Can you love the people and govern the state

能無知乎﹖ without interfering?

天門開闔,Can you open and close the doors of heaven

能為雌乎﹖in play the role of the female  ?

明白四達,Can you understand all and penetrate all

能無為乎﹖without using the mind?

生之,畜之。To give birth and to nourish,

生而不有,to give birth without taking possession,

為而不恃,to act without obligation,

長而不宰,to lead without dominating---

是謂玄德。this is the mystical moral.

Ps:(註德行源自於內心的感觸  Virtue derived from the inner thoughts of feelings)

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