泓師父談困境Master Hozn talking about Hardship
道在中央運不窮, 經翻底眼化無終
The Tao always operated endlessly in the central. The scriptures were studied constantly.
師傳衣缽有為法, 三教諸尊德望隆
The master passes on the mantle by statute.
Pay respect to Confucianism,Taoism and Buddhism
靈光病第四集: 困境
Incurable Diseases IV : Hardship
要談崑崙山觀音殿,一隻蛇的故事 Talking about a snake in Kunlun Guanyin Temple
觀音殿是個開放空間,鳥兒常常來築巢 Guanyin temple is a open space. The birds always nest here.
蛇一直在觀音殿等待吃蛇蛋 The snake always wait for eating eggs in Quanyin temple.
信徒來到觀音殿拜拜,常常被蛇嚇到 The disciples come to worship to Quanyin. The disciples were scared by the snake.
The smart birds never nest here. The snake was usually hungry.
蛇沒得吃也不肯離開,到最後越來越瘦連體力也沒有了 The snake can not get to eat and did not want to go away. The snake were thin gradually.Finnally it is too tired.
當我發現牠時,牠已經奄奄一息,我就趕走牠 When I found it, it has been dying,
I would get rid of it
幾個月後蛇又回到觀音殿,變成了肥胖的蛇 The snake come back to Quanyin Temple again. It becomes fat and big.
I get rid of it.But the story inspires us.
當人身處困境時,卻不肯跳出自己的環境 When people are in the hardship, they can not jump from their circumstance.
人生的絕路要從內心去改變 The deadend must change from your mind.
The Soul gets out of the three realms outside,
Not to be bound,And then re-started
Regardless of the cause of the brink of bankruptcy,
the family fortune dead end,Body bad news
Through practice, out of the hardship,
back to life, because God
台灣崑崙山王母娘娘 Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn
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