太極靈動 Tai Chi Linn Donn Dynamic meditation

淨壇神咒  Net forum mantra
太上說法時。When Laozi preach Taoism 金鐘響玉音。 Gold bell rings pleasing sounds
百穢藏九地。Hundreds of organisms possesses everywhere
群魔護騫林。All Demons protect  Stands tall and erect forests
天花散法雨。The sky sprinkles the law rains
法鼓振迷沈。  Dharma Drum beats fan sinks.
諸天賡善哉。 the heavens Praise Taoism .
金童舞瑤琴。 Golden Boy dance and play stringed instruments.
願傾八霞光。Willing to pour eight rays.
照依皈依心。 According to convert the heart.
蚤法大法稿。 Flea law makes big draft
翼侍五雲深。 Wing fly to five Cloud land. 急急如律令   Rush As Imperative order

金光神咒 Golden brightness God incantation 天地玄宗 ,Heaven and earth are Mysterious! 万气本根 。Chaotic Gasification is the root! 广修亿劫 ,Extensive practice thousands of Catastrophe. 证吾神通 。Certificate me Supernatural power. 三界内外 ,Inside and outside of Three Realms.. 惟道独尊 。Conceited Tao!!! 体有金光 ,Body with golden light 覆映吾身 。Repeated reflection on my body.. 视之不见 ,Not be seen 听之不闻 。Not be heard 包罗天地 ,Contain Heaven and earth 养育群生 。Raise Beings. 受持万遍 ,Recitation Thousand times. 身有光明 。Body with light. 三界侍卫 ,Three Realms guards. 五帝司迎 。Five Emperors welcome Meeting. 万神朝礼 。The Gods Salute. 役使雷霆 。Thunder to Work 鬼妖丧胆 。The clever monster trembles with fear. 精怪亡形 。The demon perishes the shape. 内有霹雳 。In has the thunderclap. 雷神隐名 。The thunder god conceals an identity 洞慧交彻 。Hole bright junction penetrating 五气腾腾 。Five gas steaming. 金光速现 。The golden speed of light is present 覆护真人 。Protects the honorable person 急急如律令 敕 。Rush As Imperative order 八卦口訣 :The eight trigrams Formula 乾三連 、☰乾 is like Triple bars 坤六斷 、☷坤 is like Six Break 離中虛 、☲離 is like Middle Empty 坎中滿 、☵坎 is like Middle Full 巽下斷、☴巽 is like Below Break 震仰盂 、☳震 is like Up Spittoon 艮覆碗 、☶艮 is like a Cover bowl 兌上缺 。☱兌 is like Up Lack 乾坤陰陽 、乾坤 is Universe,Yin and yang 天地配正位 Heaven and earth matches the normal position. 坎離日月、"坎離" is Sun and Moon 水火不相射 、Fire and water are not in shot 震巽相對 、"震巽" are relative 雷風來相搏 Both Thunder and Wind  are Competing. 艮兌相吸、Both"艮.兌"  are attracting 山澤通真氣、Mountain and Swamp make energy..
淨三業神咒. Net three industry mantra.
身中諸內境。Within the body in all territory.
三萬六千神. Thirty-six thousand gods.
動作履行藏。Action to fulfill possession.
前劫並後業。 before robbery and after industry.
願我身自在。 I like the body itself.
常住三寶中。Resident in Sambo.
當於劫壞時。When a bad time in the robbery.
我身常不滅。I often body immortal.
誦此真文時 when Recite this True text
身、心、口業皆清淨。Body, mind, mouth industry are clean.
急急如律令敕: Rush As Imperative order
祝香神咒. Wish  Incense  Mantra.
道由心學。Tao learn from Mind.
心假香傳。Heart transmits messages by Incense
香熱玉爐。Burning Incense in hot stove.
心存帝前。Heart is in the front of God!!
真靈下盻。The spirit god drops
仙旌臨軒。 The immortal arrives at the porch.
令臣關告。  Makes the official to inform
逕達九天。 Goes directly to for nine skys!!
所祈所願。 The prayer wish. 咸賜如言。Gift you as your prayer!!!
急急如律令敕 Rush As Imperative order
向母娘拜三拜  Worship three does obeisance toward Mu Niang



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