To Vow Repentance text from the catastrophe without Beginning
如是等、 If so and so,
一切宇宙銀河大千世界、Galaxy universe all worlds,
Wu Ji old Mother ,The heavens,Buddha,Sage
本命靈根常住在世。Natal Spiritual root  resident alive.
母娘呀!Mu Niang!
應當慈心護念我、I should read the compassion care,
若我此生、If my life,
若我前生,If I pre-existence
從無始生死以來,Never since the beginning of live and death,
當我生處人道、畜生道、惡鬼道、地獄道 時  
When I was born in Humanity,Beasts,Evil,Hell
若 胎生,卵生,溼生,化生,If viviparous, oviparous, wet, metaplasia,
成形長大、Forming raised,
所作眾罪、So many crime,
一切無知所做、Made all ignorance,
無明所做、Ignorance does,
無意所做、No intention of doing,
貪慾所做、Greed does,
嗔恨所做、Aversion does,
癡心所做、Silly doing,
若自作、If the self-made,
若教他作、If you teach him to make,
見作隨意、See doing for free,
如是等處 If so, etc.
所作罪障、 All evil
今皆懺悔, Now are all repentance,
慈悲母娘 Mercy Mu Niang!!!
應當證知我、Should permit to know me,
應當憶念我,Should remember me,
我復於母娘尊前, I am in front of Mu Niang!!!
做如是言、Swear !!
當我此生、When my life,
當我餘生、 When my rest life,
發慈悲大願、Mercy big wish,
救助佈施、Relief donation,
守清淨戒律  Keep clean discipline
修淨行、 Keep clean Practice!!
啟發靈性、 Inspired by spirituality,
不違背本性靈根,Not contrary to Nature of the spiritual roots,
修身養性、鍛鍊身體、Self-cultivation, Exercise,
所有善根成就瑤池天人聖道、All goodness achieve Saint Heaven Tao!!!
所有善根修成天仙佛道、All goodness achieve Heaven Buddism Taoist
請母常住塵世間、 May Mu Niang always lives the world !!
便利原兒來修持、Facilitate the original child to self-cultivation,
如是靈法廣無邊,So the wide boundless spiritual law,
故我一心、Therefore I am on my mind !!
皈命頂禮、Conversion Life Prostration,
瑤池西王金母大天尊 Yozu West Queen Gold Mu Niang BIG Senior
諸天神佛聖賢菩薩 ,The heavens,Buddha,Sage
母 娘 慈 悲 戒律! 定心!智慧!
Mercy Mu Niang  discipline Centering Wisdom!!


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