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歡迎下載母娘聖經 (共二十萬字)












 母娘聖經沒有文言文..都是白話..Mu Niang Bible does not classical ..It is vernacular ..

這是心境的問題..This is a question of mind ..

無極版談宇宙..infinite edition about the universe ..

您必須不能只關心自己的事..You must not only care about your own business ..

先天版談本命..Congenital edition on your own path ..

您必須與天地為伍並回歸人性..Associating with the world and you must return to humanity ..

啟靈版談靈修..Open souls edition on spirituality ..

您必須啟動靈性並尋找天命..You have to start looking for spirituality and destiny ..

靈魂學談原靈..animistic On the original spirit ..


You have to comprehend the life and death  Look for the original spirit beyond your wisdom  ..


Master Hozn’s thinking of all life  ..Presented to you ..Certainly not …As soon as kicks may several…

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[caption id="attachment_1770" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="艱困的環境..造就偉大的思考 Difficult environment to create great thinking .."]艱困的環境..造就偉大的思考  Difficult environment to create great thinking ..[/caption]

母娘聖經 肆  靈魂學  崑崙山泓仁 啟靈著作


母娘聖經   靈魂學  崑崙山泓仁 啟靈著作

Mu Niang Bible IV Soul Study written by Kunlun Hozn

封筆序言   Seals the pen preface

西元2009年八月八日,AD August 8, 2009,

五十年來罕見的大水重創崑崙山; A rare flood hit Kunlun Mountains heavrily for fifty years

路斷了、橋毀了、山崩了、人散了;Road cut off, the bridge was destroyed, landslides, and people scattered;

2009的八八水災,使得瑤池橋支離破碎、2009,88 Floods, Making the Yozu Bridge fragmented,

火龍金爐隨土石滑落,Fire Dragon god furnace falls along with the earth stone

整座崑崙山瑤池宮被掏空而岌岌可危,The whole Kunlun Yozu Palace was emptied and precarious,

因為如此「崑崙山」巍峨的崇山峻嶺之中.. Because of this, "Kunlun Mountains" towering mountains

凝聚著深層靈能仙氣,Embodies the deep psychic chaotic energy,


The Kunlun Mountains spiritual shrine.This is not disturbed by the common custom.


我崑崙山泓仁 I am Kunlun Mountain Hozn

盡一生構思『母娘聖經』,I plan the idea of "Mu Niang Bible" for ​​all my lifetime,

花十多年寫了『母娘聖經』,Spend ten more years writing the " Mu Niang Bible "

如今完成了『母娘聖經』第四部經典「靈魂學」,Now completed the " Mu Niang Bible " Part IV  "Soul Study"

「靈魂學」能夠完成也是拜八八水災的劫難之賜," Soul Study " can be done also thanks to the Floods catastrophe,

2009的八八水災以來,Since the 88 floods 2009,

崑崙山瑤池宮空無一人,Kunlun Yozu Palace was empty,

有時好幾天碰不到一個人,Sometimes several days can not see someone,

好幾天講不到一句話,Hardly a word for several days,

真怕我從此就與世絕俗,From then on and I am really afraid of being cut off by the world ,

是母娘堅定信仰的力量,It is A firm belief in the power of Mu Niang

讓我在毫不被打擾的情況下,I have no disturbed in the Kunlun Mountain.

靈思泉湧探究「靈」的問題,To explore the spiritual problem with full spirit.

揭開「無極通道」,Exposing the "Wu Chi Gateway"


Alone, lonely days; My mood has not the future, Can not see tomorrow,

只能挖掘內心深處「靈源寶藏」,來詮釋心靈著作,Can only dig deep inside "source of spiritual treasures" . To interpret the mind works,


Today I decided to Seal the pen, Mu Niang Bible more than three hundred thousand words,

經過修改只剩十八萬字,Modified only one hundred and eighty thousand words,

共分無極版、先天版、啟靈版及靈魂學,Divided into Wu Chi version, Congenital version and Spirit Inspiration version and Soul Study version,

「靈魂學」也可說是母娘聖經的精髓," Soul Study version"  can also be a essence of the Mu Niang Bible,

因為母娘聖經就是在說靈的事情,Because the Mu Niang Bible talks about spiritual things,

回首來時路,在崑崙山瑤池宮十幾年的日子,Looking Back, the days of ten more years in Kunlun Yozu Palace,

歷盡社會變化轉型的時代,Gone through the era of social change, transformation,

看盡人世間人情冷暖,潮起潮落,Look at human sentiment changes in temperature, Rise and fall,

沒想到最穩定不變的崑崙山,歷盡滄桑也會遭受橫逆。I did not expect the most stable and unchanging Kunlun Mountains, Suffered a lot a tribulations.

我要封筆了,I want to Seal the pen.

或許母娘聖經再多年後會被世人重視,Perhaps the Mu Niang Bible and then many years later will be taken seriously by the world ,

但我今天已山窮水盡,But today I have been a basket case,

我常說「命運在冷笑、暗示前無路、讓我攀險峰、再與天比高」;I always say "Destiny in the sneer, No way implies the former,

I climb the dangerous mountain peak, Again and compete against sky";

但人情冷暖由不得我也,I can not help but human well-being,

只能長嘆一聲!Can only sigh…

我要封筆了,I want to Seal the pen.

接下來..我要用另一種語言文字--English..來表現「母娘」,Next I use another language - English,To represent the "Mu Niang"

敬請拭目以待吧!Please wait and see!


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