冥想 Meditation 清靜 Quiet 禪意 Zen 無為 Inaction 靈修 Spirituality   Spiritual Meditation Retreat Yozu Palace at Kunlun Taiwan 台灣崑崙山瑤池宮母娘靈修會館


靈動Dynamic meditation,啟靈..開靈.點神.天命.領旨.造就..生命奇蹟


Spiritual inspiration,On spirituality,Light godhead  Create a miracle of life



meditation 靜坐

道在中央運不窮, 經翻底眼化無終 The Tao always operated endlessly in the central. The scriptures were studied constantly.

師傳衣缽有為法, 三教諸尊德望隆 The master passes on the mantle by charm. Pay respect to Confucianism,Taoism and Buddhism

我的靈源到底在那裡?..Where is My spiritual source in the end ??? ..

生從何來?. Where does my birth come from?.

難道要懵懂過一生…. Do you want ignorant for Life

來泓仁導師這兒一探究竟吧! Come to Tutor Hozn to find out now!

靜坐..靈動..啟靈..meditation..Dynamic..grow spiritual

崑崙山瑤池宮泓仁導師 嘉義縣中埔鄉中崙村40-8號 南二高下中埔交流道往西拉雅.大埔.台3線公路300.6公里右轉上山



Welcome to the Kunlun Mountains on the Internet to find Master  Hozn  ..
This is a Discussion of life With everyone
Encourage each other
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Let Master Hozn lead you
清靜心思.. Quiet mind ..身在娑婆..Body moving  心超三界..Mind beyond Three Realms ..
靈無生滅…Spirit no birth and death ...身體無為..Physical inaction..從靈著手..Proceed from the Spirit ..
進入靈的世界.. Into the spirit world ..
Experience spiritual Mu Niang






Welcome to the Kunlu on the Internet to find Psychic Medium Hozn.

台灣崑崙山瑤池宮王母娘娘Yozu Palace Wang Mu Niang Niang Kunlun Taiwan
住持 泓仁導師   Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn

Taiwan Chiayi County Zhongpu Town
Zhonlun village 40-8.

嘉義縣中埔鄉中崙村40-8號  崑崙山瑤池宮;

Cell phone 泓師父手機 886-937618850

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When you come to Chiayi high speed train station,you could take BRT接駁公車.
It is free to chiayi train station. Then call 鄭 儒 門計程車 Taxi:0933682449.
He will take you to Kunlun Mountain about 30 minutes. Have you ever been to Chiayi.
May you have a nice trip. If you stay overnight ,Maybe weekends are better!!
Kunlun Hozn Psychic-Master's is cell phone 0937618850..

Let us explore the plight of the world doomsday. We also hope you can sponsor Psychic Master Hozn.   Psychic Medium Hozn's email: akingate@hotmail.com


Three highway  Under the Zhongpu interchange
To  Taiwan freeway 3  300.5 km
Yun Mizutani Spa  Turn right up the hill ..

崑崙山瑤池宮泓仁導師 嘉義縣中埔鄉中崙村40-8號 南二高下中埔交流道往西拉雅.大埔.台3線公路300.6公里右轉上山

當所有的人都向權力的那一端靠攏~ When all the people move closer to the end of the authority!!!


也要堅定立場站在真理的那一端. Also stand firmly on the end of the truth!!!


不是人多廟大就代表那是真理.有時群眾也是盲目的跟隨. Not so many people, big temple stand for the truth!!! Sometimes the masses blindly follow.


畢竟看熱鬧的會比當事人多. After all, People always are meddlesome!!!


所以要更堅定自己的道念.也要相信自己的信仰! So you want to strengthen own thinking, also believe own beliefs!!!


尊榮與卑微只是一體兩面 Honor and humble just Two sides of the same coin. 尊榮是從一百個卑微之後得到的 The honor is from one hundred humble.


道..沒有掌聲與喝采!!! 道是沉默與清靜!! 道就是低調!!! Tao has not applause and praise!!! Tao is silence and quiet!!! Tao is low key!!!


試著拋開凡俗來崑崙山靜坐!!!試著救助世人..雖然我們的力量很卑微.. Try to abandon the secular to meditate Kunlun. Try to save the world. although our power is humble!!!


To abandon the secular is jump from the society to clear to see the sickness of the society!!!   Not to abandon the society. The contray; Meditation Practice is to improve the society. 拋棄世俗就是跳出社會的框框, 清礎看清社會病態.並不是要放棄社會 相反的; 修行就要有改善社會的用心

The goal of relief and doing good is the Bodhisattva mind of helping people.
Love without Borders, doomsday Catastrophe, Instant disaster, home crash.
Empathy! Come forward to save the peril.

The only way to enlightenment and away from samsara is Mercy.

必須經過  Must  宇稱..Parity .. 共軛..Conjugate .. 鏡射..Mirror .. 同步..Synchronization .. 四步驟..     Four-step ..
才能連線共通  Common to connect

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