祝香神咒. Pray  Incense  Mantra

道由心學。心假香傳。香熱玉爐。心存帝前。 Tao learn from our Mind. The Mind transmits messages by Incense Burning Incense in hot stove. Respecting to the God!!

真靈下盻。仙旌臨軒。令臣關告。逕達九天。 The spirit god comes,the immortal arrives at the porch. Makes the official to inform, Goes directly to ninth heaven!!

所祈所願。咸賜如言。 The prayer wish. Gift you as your prayer!!!

泓師父今天要談啟靈母法 Master Hozn talk about Inspiring Method today.

電腦使用久了,速度越跑越慢 Computer use for a long time,the speed gradually run slower.

電腦程式必須更新 Computer programs must be updated.

電腦原廠提供解決方案,使電腦更新運作順暢 Computer factory provides solutions to the smooth update operation of the computer.

相同的,我們人類的身體,心智,靈魂也需要更新 The same, our human body, mind, soul, need to update.

現代社會不變的生活工作,枯燥無味,無法應付壓力 The same living and working in modern society. Boring and unable to cope with stress.

我們必須啟靈也就是生命靈能的更新 We must inspire the spirit in order to update life energy!!! 啟靈首重清靜 The fire step of Inspiring is Quiet.

有些人沒辦法清靜,想東想西頭腦混沌 Some people can not be quiet.

就像一盆汙濁的水 It is like a polluted water.

多花時間,空間使汙濁的水沉澱,便能清靜Please spend more time and space so that the polluted water precititation. You can get quiet.

啟靈第二步是通靈協定 The second step of Inspiring is the Psychic agreement.

我們的靈魂要跟原靈連線互通訊息 Our souls connect with the original spirit to exchange the information.

靈的頻率不能亂搭,靈的想法不能錯亂 The frequency of the spirit cannot be chaotic. The idea of the spirit is not disordered and confused.

靈的頻率就是通靈協定 The frequency of the spirit is the Psychic agreement.

我們要的是靈的源頭給我們的訊息 What we want is the message from the original spirit.

固定與原靈通訊的頻率,交換訊息這就是靈感. Fix the frequency of the original spirit and exchange the message. The message is inspiration.

漸漸的經由靜坐,啟動靈性就是啟靈第三步靈動 Gradually,through meditation,inspire spirit to dynamic . The dynamic meditation is the third step of Inspiring.

藉由靈動使身體,心智,靈魂合一 Throught dynamic meditation, make body,mind,spirit into one.

靈與身體結合,使生命程式最佳化 Spirit and body combination, life program optimization. 清靜心思.. Quiet mind ..身在娑婆..Body moving

心超三界..Mind beyond Three Realms .. 靈無生滅...Spirit no birth and death

身體無為..Physical inaction..從靈著手..Proceed from the Spirit..

這是啟靈母法第三步:靈動 The dynamic meditation is the third step of Inspiring.

啟靈母法第四步靈性更新 The fourth step of Inspiring is spirit update.

透過靜坐,冥想,靈動達到靈性更新的目的 Through meditation, visualization, dynamic meditation, update spirit.

靈性更新簡單說就是反省,使生活更好 Spirit updated is to reflect myself,to make life better.

沒有反省的生命是不值得活的,透過反省提升靈能力量 No reflecting on life is noe worth to live. Through reflection, enhance the power of spirit energy.
啟靈母法第五步:修圓 The fifth step of Inspiring is Satisfactory practice.

生命中家庭,事業,感情,身體健康的遺憾 There are regrets about family,career,emotions and health.

透過清靜,通靈協定,靈動,靈性更新達到修圓 Through Quiet,Psychic agreement,dynamic meditation,spirit update, achieve satisfactory practice.

讓我們事業順暢,身體健康,家庭和樂,感情圓滿 Let us smooth career,good health,happy family,satisfactory feelings.

啟靈母法解決現代生活緊張壓力 The Inspiring method solve the stress of modern life.

希望啟靈母法與各位分享,謝謝 Share the Inspiring method to all you, thank you!!!

台灣崑崙山王母娘娘 Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn who is the Abbot of  Kunlun Yozu Palace in Taiwan Yushan lines.
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