開靈點神與脈輪修煉 Open Chakra for Meditation Practice

淨心神咒  The Mantra of cleaning Mind


The universe is full of numberless stars.

The stars are constantly changing.


People wish to rid themselves of evil and protect themselves.


As long as a person has wisdom and a quiet mind,


The soul becomes immortal and will be eternal.


Execute this order with haste as if an imperial command.


I am Master Hozn Kunlun, and I am Matt O’Malley helping to translate the message into English and provide the audio track and video.

Today’s topic is Open Chakra and meditational Practice.


Heaven, Earth, ,People, and the physical realm are all from Wu Chi spirit realm.


People's spirit communicates with their original soul which in the Wu Chi spirit realm.


A human has three soul elements and seven chakras,

It can also be said that the numberless chakras consist of the seven chakra holes.


The Soul is energy and does not have physical element , Chakras cannot be consciously controlled.


They run in autonomic mode.


The power of the soul energy is a function of the seven chakra holes.


The energy of seven chakra holes from high to low are,


The crown chakra, the third eye chakra, the Qi breath chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sex chakra, the base chakra,

靈魂的三魂是指 精(智慧),氣(能量),神(神格). 這是上層的能量

There are three upper souls which are Essence (wisdom), Qi (energy), Spiritual Self (God essence).

靈魂的七魄是指 喜,怒,哀,樂,愛,惡,慾,這是靈魂的外在表現.

There are seven basic emotions which are Joy, anger, sadness, happiness, love, evil, desire. These are external manifestation of the seven chakras.


To promote spiritual energy a person must practice, train, experience, and reflect.


The process of meditative practice is firstly to inspire the spirit, then open the Chakra to promote spiritual energy.

我已經說過啟靈母法,接下來我要說: 開靈—打開脈輪

Previously I wrote about inspirational method, and now I want to talk about how to open the Chakras.


It is easy to open a window. To open Chakra you must have a method.

靈魂的所有細胞就是脈輪. 脈輪是一種靈能量

All the cells of the soul are Chakras. Every Chakra is a center of spiritual energy.


The stronger spiritual energy, the higher the level of the soul

首先,我們來談心輪, 這是靈魂的受器

First, let’s talk about the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the receptor of the soul.


The heart Chakra accepts the external thoughts and feelings.

The heart Chakra is the communicator of external information to the soul.

心輪從眼,耳,鼻,舌,身,意,得到外來訊息, The heart Chakra gets external information from the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body.


The human physical body experiences the emotions of Joy, anger, sadness, happiness, love, evil, and desire.

靈魂有喜,怒,哀,樂,愛,惡,慾. 要處理這些情緒是重要且複雜的

The soul also experiences  joy, anger, sadness, happiness, love, evil, and desire. Dealing with these emotions is important but very complex .


We currently convert the emotions into the spiritual energy.


With correct and good practice the heart Chakra will promote the spiritual energy up to three upper souls which are Essence (wisdom), Qi (energy), God (godhead).


However some evil energy will penetrate the base chakra.




The base chakra is the most basic source of spiritual energy.


To open this Chakra one must ensure that evil energy does not accidentally penetrate  the base chakra.


The base chakra is energized by practicing the Quietness, Meditation, and Inaction.


Quietness, Meditation, Inaction is essential to enhance the base Chakra energy.


If you practice meditation continuously, No matter how busy you are, it can make you calm and keep your mind clear.


But during meditation, the mind cannot be idle, just keep the mind quiet, the concept of empty is an essential ingredient for success.


If you wish to activate the Spirit then wooden style of meditation, idle meditation, will be useless , you need to practice dynamic meditation


So, to open the gate of the soul is to control your life’s destiny and discharge negative energies affecting your spirit. Quietness is the method to enhance the base chakra energy


Once the base Chakra energy has been enhanced, then we move onto the sex Chakra.


Love and Sexuality are human nature characteristic.


The Sex Chakra is not advanced spiritual energy, however we must conserve this energy as it is critical for moving to the next level of spiritual awareness.


The Sex Chakra contains feelings and family love and not just physical desire.

當靜坐的時候要反省人際關係,感情,家庭. 如果做人失敗,任何成功都不值得.

When in meditation, reflect on relationships, love, and family. If you are failure in relationships, other success would be meaningless


Worship God, also respect people, and a healthy balanced sex life to harmonize interpersonal relationship. The spiritual energy of Sex Chakra will be enhanced.


The spiritual energy of Sex Chakra should be conserved. Conservation of sexual energy is following the middle path.


The Solar plexus Chakra is the center of the body which is under the lower dantian, and is the communications center of the soul.


The Solar plexus Chakra is the command center of the soul command for all body functions.


A strong Solar plexus Chakra makes a person excel in career and good health.


This Chakra needs to be full of energy in order to meet the body’s health needs, and essential to provide strong energy for spiritual vitality.


The base Chakra provides the spirit energy and is enhanced by good sleep, rest and quiet meditational practice.


For males the sex Chakra hold the semenal essence, all the spirit energy concentrate in the solar plexus Chakra.


The solar plexus Chakra when cultivated correctly becomes a spiritual power plant and results in strong physical vitality.


The strong solar plexus Chakra makes human body healthy, and results in good business acumen.


Most people want Money, Career, Health.


The heart chakra is the induction center for joy, anger, sorrow, happiness, love, evil, desire. That is middle dantian.


The heart chakra is the center of the soul, the physical self is the sensor and the soul is the reactor.


According to the skill of the practitioner, the level of the body’s sensing ability determines the responsiveness of the seven chakras.


People who do not practice the art of opening the seven chakras are significantly lacking  in the body sensing and soul response.


In the modern fast-changing society , people need flexibility in dealing with life’s events.

有修行的人,能夠平衡情緒反應. 更能應付突然的災厄.

The practitioner is able to balance their emotions and better cope with the sudden events that occur throughout one’s life.


The practice of opening the heart chakra enhanced the sensitivity of the sixth sense. This is the spiritual ability which prevent negative events and allows the pursuit good fortune.


The practice the spiritual energy of the heart chakra is essential to the pursuit good fortune.


The next stage is the Dan Qi Chakra which is called the upper dantian and drives     the spiritual energy of the upper soul.


The practice the Dan Qi Chakra through


quiet Meditational practice enable one to discharged the negative garbage of the base Chakra.


This practice also help a person to conserve their essential essence, worship God, respect people, and enhances the sex Chakra.


You can improve your health, work hard and develop the solar plexus Chakra.


You can better manage emotional disturbances, prevent negative events, and actively pursue good fortune through the opening of the heart Chakra.


To practice Dan Qi Chakra one must learn to breath naturally in through the nose breathes and out through the mouth.


The whole body products the Qi circulation, and one must learn to practice Qi into a Dan ball and this is called Dan qi.


Dan Qi is cohesion of the spirit energy of the third dantian , but is not really the physical ball, it is an energy ball.

吐納經過一段時間有了丹氣, 丹氣輪穴便形成.

After a period of practice a person will experience the flow of the ball (energy) throughout the body.


Dan Qi has a special and unique spiritual frequency. The Queen Mother is the originator of Dan QI and considered the Empress of Dan Qi.


The Queen Mother always emits spiritual frequency and transmits messages to practitioners.


The practitioner also emits spiritual frequency to original spirit or gods after a person has trained the Dan Qi Chakra and will become psychic.


The psychic is the transfer of spiritual message from the sixth sense.


Dan Qi Chakra is the Qi element of the three souls: essence (wisdom), Qi(energy),Internal God (Immortal Spirit) . Fundamentally it is all about energy



The spiritual enhancement of Dan Qi Chakra is the third eye Chakra.

The third eye is God's eyes.


The Practitioner can gain psychic powers after Dan Qi Chakra is cultivated. Then he could communicate with gods and devils after enhancing the third eye Chakra.


On the levels of the Immortals, the practitioner of the third eye Chakra can become  a heavenly immortal.


The practitioner of the third eye Chakra must follow the good practice of virtue, respect Gods and cultivate wisdom. No progress can be made if one violates the basic rules of good morality and integrity.


The practitioners of the third eye Chakra do not work behind closed doors, all talk no action, to be the saints.


Because the third eye Chakra practioner becomes highly sensitive to the other people sufferings, they will naturally have the mind and compassion to help others in need. The is the concept of salvation embodied within the practice of opening the 7 Chakras.


Practice the third eye Chakra based on the principle of God watching  people’s actions and thoughts and to help remove the mortal desire which is the cause of suffering.


The spirit energy of the third eye Chakra comes from mercy and kindness. The spirit energy is pure, clean and without desire.


The Dan Qi becomes the essence of wisdom, the third eye Chakra is easy to observe the evil in this world.


The greater the release of energy in helping others, giving relief to people, the more energy of the third eye Chakra is enhanced.


So, practice the third eye Chakra, step-by-step, practice from the base Chakra, and cultivate compassion and Mercy in your daily life.


The third eye Chakra is not only the special (yin yang) eye to see through ghosts but also helps to develop wisdom and give inspiration to the practitioner.


The third eye Chakra is the essence element of the three souls: essence (wisdom),QI (energy),god within (Immortal Spirit).


The top Chakra is on the top of the head, like an angel's halo.


The halo of the top Chakra is the antenna of communication of the original spirit.


Everyone in the spirit world exist a corresponding original spirit.


The source of the original spirit is the Queen Mother (Mu Niang ) who gave birth to our original spirits.


The Queen Mother (Mu Niang) creates the incarnation of all the gods, the gods also make incarnations of the original spirits.


Therefore, when you fully cultivated the top Chakra you can know your own spiritual source.


It is important to understand one’s own destiny, incarnation and one’s mission given by God.


The high spiritual energy of life is not for the enjoyment of bliss.


Satisfy reparation for the earth to restore the original beauty of the ecological world.


Master Hozn talks about Open Chakra sincerely and do not teach mysterious “special Powers”.


The practice of opening Chakras promotes spiritual energy to the God within.


After complete cultivation of the God within, the earth becomes your responsibility, and you must listen to the God within for guidance on how to take care of the world.


From opening the third eye to the halo of Top Chakra, Our vision becomes infinitely broad.


Our hearts can include all things, our spiritual energy can be promoted infinitely.


The Brave New World is coming.


Thanks all!!!
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