救火龍計劃 saving the fire dragon furnace
up to the top of the furnace...but the dragon head is very big that I can
not dismantle it...failed!!!
發現台灣火龍傳奇這是一個古老的傳說: 這裡是古代火龍出沒的地方: 民國五十一年開山祖師就是跟隨天上的火龍從嘉義來到中崙的崑崙山 火龍穴踏地基, 從肩挑磚塊到建造瑤池仙境, ⋯⋯ 這是愚公移山的傳奇, 因為火龍噴火緣故 對面山壁至今寸草不生

Discover the legend of fire dragon in Taiwan. Kunlun Taiwan is a place which the fire dragon lived. There are hot spring,natural gas,earthquake at here. The ancestor(My grandfather) watched the fire ball in the sky. He followed the fire dragon to come to Kunlun Taiwan. He knew that the Kunlun Taiwan is the cave of the fire dragon. He picked the bricks to build the Yozu Palace. This is the legend of the Foolish Old Man. Because of the spitfire of the fire dragon,Opposite cliff is barren so far.

希望新金爐像這樣 hope new fire dragon furance like this...



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