Taoist Priest coronation 崑崙道師加冠

改年經 Kai Nei Ching

太上靈寶天尊 能消災以度厄、Lingbao Tianzun can clear up disaster and distress.
三災同令之厄、 道城之異之厄、The distress of three catastrophes,the territory war,
天羅地網之厄、 官符口舌之厄、 the inescapable dragnet,the lawsuit,
破方五鬼之厄、 無端疾病之厄、 the five ghosts,the diseases.
玉皇寶誥   (Jade  Emperor  Sutras)
太上彌羅無上天,The highest Heaven!!
The wonderful environment of Purple Gold Palace

太微玉清宮,無極無上聖, Yu Qing Palace,supreme holy,
郭落豁光明,寂寂浩無宗, Shining the light,Silent horizon
玄範總十方,湛寂真常道, Tao:Expansion to all directions.
恢漠大神通。Tao is the Jade Emperor with supernatural powers.
穹蒼真老 , 妙圓清靜,智慧辨才 The emperor of firmament is a peace and
quiet sage.

至道至尊,三界師混元祖 Extreme Taoism division,chaotic ancestral.
無為聖主,四生慈父,高天上聖,大慈仁者 Lord of inaction, Father of all creature. Highest kindest holy emperor in heaven
十號圓滿,萬德周身,無量度人,拔生死苦 Satisfactory merits !!Help people Immeasurably, save the life and death.
眾聖之王,諸佛之師,太上開天,執符御歷 Holy king,Buddhas division, Open heaven  and execute Tao!!
含真體道,金闕雲宮,九穹歷御,萬道無為 the true Tao with golden Cloud Palace. Nine heavens with all Tao!!
通明大殿,昊天金闕,玄穹高上帝 Brightly hall ,Golden palace!! Mysterious highest emperor
瑤池金母大天尊 Yozu Golden Mu Niang
崑崙山七日靈修授予崑崙山道師 Taoist Priest coronation after Kunlun practice
淨壇神咒  Net Altar mantra 太上說法時。When Laozi preachs Taoism 金鐘響玉音。 Gold bell rings pleasing sounds
百穢藏九地。 群魔護騫林。 Hundreds of organisms possess everywhery. All Demons protect Stands tall and erect forests
天花散法雨。The sky sprinkles the law rains

法鼓振迷沈。  Drum beat and Cheer obsessed.
諸天賡善哉。 The heavens Praise Taoism .

金童舞瑤琴。 Golden Boys dance and play stringed instruments.
願傾八霞光。Willing to pour eight rays.

照依皈依心。 According to convert the heart.
蚤法大法稿。 Flea law makes big draft

翼侍五雲深。 Flying to five color Cloud.

急急如律令   Rush As Imperative order
安土地神咒 Set up earth mantra

元始安鎮。普告萬靈。 嶽瀆真官。土地祇靈。 The Yuanshi ancestral guards,Warning all Souls, Mountain official and earth spirit.
左社又稷。不得妄驚。 迴向正道。內外肅清。 Cannot frighten the social populace,Back to the right path. Inside and outside will be clean.
各安方位。備守宮庭。 太上有命。搜捕邪精。 Each divine makes security position. Keep the palace.Taishang Laojun orders Searching for the evil essence.
護法神王。保衛誦經。 皈依大道。元亨利貞。 God king of Custodian defends Tao by reciting mantra.Return to the correct Tao.
急急如律令。 Rush As Imperative order
藥草棒開光點眼Kai Guang Open God Herb stick the first light
點天天清清、點地地靈靈、點神神顯靈、 點人人長生、 Point sky will be clear, Point earth will be spiritual. Point God will be present,Point people will be healthy
God Pen makes smart,Kai Guang Open the first light,God is coming.
Please have a speech

I am very happy to come to Taiwan Kunlun

I pay respect to Wang Mu Niang Niang, Ninth Heaven Niang Niang,Birth Niang Niang

Yozu Gold Mu瑤池金母,South Immortal南極仙翁, 3 Emperors三官大帝,Ma Zu媽祖
I am very happy to be a Kunlun Taoist Priest

Mercy Mu Niang 願母娘慈悲道教能廣佈世界各地

May Taoism be widespresd all over the world
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