太極靜坐 Tai Chi Meditation  by Kunlun Hozn 崑崙山泓師父
淨壇神咒  Net Altar mantra 太上說法時。When Laozi preachs Taoism
金鐘響玉音。 Gold bell rings pleasing sounds
百穢藏九地。 Hundreds of organisms possess everywhere
群魔護騫林。 All Demons protect tall and erect forests
天花散法雨。The sky sprinkles the law rains
法鼓振迷沈。  Drum beat and Cheer obsessed.
諸天賡善哉。 The heavens Praise Taoism .
金童舞瑤琴。 Golden Boys dance and play stringed instruments.
願傾八霞光 Willing to pour eight rays.
照依皈依心。 According to convert the heart.
蚤法大法稿。 Flea law makes big draft
翼侍五雲深。 Flying to five color Cloud.
急急如律令   Rush As Imperative order
今天泓師父要來談 Master Hozn talks about
太極靜坐 Tai Chi Meditation
第一個步驟要靜心沉澱 The first step to meditation precipitation
The meditation precipitation is to reflect on my own
不管非常忙或空閒 Regardless of a very busy or idle.
靜坐必須從反省自己開始 The meditation must at the bigining of reflecting on my own.
因為反省自己才能沉澱自己 Because Reflect on my own in order to precipitate
當您的心沉澱了以後,才能看清未來事情 When your mind precipitation, later you can see future things clearly
靜坐第二步驟是調息.養氣 The second step of meditation is adjust breathe and cultivate Qi
調息是用鼻子吸氣用嘴巴吐氣 To adjust breathe is with the nose Inspiratory  and with mouth expiratory
To adjust breathe and cultivate Qi, the elbows micro move.
調整脈息和調整呼吸 Adjust the pulse and adjust the breathing
調息是為了養氣 To adjust breathe in order to cultivate Qi,
The Qi is among the soul of Vigor(Jing, Qi, Shen)
氣就是能量,讓我們容光煥發,產生力量 Qi is the energy, let's radiant,generating power.
這就是古人所謂的吐納 This is the gateway What the ancients called.
靜坐第三個步驟就是直脊鬆跨 The third step of Meditation is straight spine and loose hip.
脊椎直立避免彎曲 Spine upright to avoid bending
無論坐多久都不會腰酸背痛 No matter how long, will not back pain.
鬆胯可以盤腿或隨意的坐 Loose hips can be cross-legged Or free to sit.
為了讓身體氣血舒暢 To let the body blood comfortable.
不讓腳麻,腳酸 To prevent the going wrong, sore feet
直脊鬆胯使氣血通暢 Straight spine and loose hip make blood smooth.
不要固定的姿勢,呆坐,枯坐 Not a fixed position,sluggish or withered meditation
坐禪是內心的覺悟,不是做給別人看的 Meditation is a Consciousness of the mind. Not do for somebody!!!
讓身體保持動量 Allow the body to maintain momentum
坐禪第四個步驟是天時地利 The fourth step of meditation is at the right place and at the right time.
坐禪的四個時辰:子zi23-01,卯mao05-07, 午wu11-01,酉you17-19 The four hours of meditation: 23-01,05-07,11-01,17-19
選擇安靜通風的環境 Select the environment a quiet ventilation.
坐禪第五個步驟是太極靈動 The fifth step of meditation is Dynamic Tai Chi
將太極世界的律動融入身體 Tai Chi world rhythms merge into the body.
沒有固定的招式,好像浮游在太空之中 There is no fixed moves, seems to float in space.
就像天地宇宙之轉動 Like rotation of the universe.
如此是太極坐禪的要訣,實踐生活修行 So is Tai Chi meditation tips,life practice
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