壬辰年(2012)年崑崙山母娘點燈..光明燈.Optical light..太歲燈.Jupiter light..虎財燈.Tiger fiscal lights. 狀元拜相燈.Champion light ..

這是崑崙山瑤池宮的點燈圓柱…This is the lighting columns of the Kunlun Yozu Palace ...

每年約有上千名信徒在此點燈…Each year about thousands of believers  light Mu Niang lamps in Kunlun...

崑崙山瑤池宮母娘神威顯赫.. Mu Niang perform  prominent divinity in Kunlun Yozu Palace..

母娘點燈照亮寰宇..Mu Niang's lamps illuminate Universe ..

這是一份長遠的祝福與母娘的守護..This is a long-term blessing and  the guardian of  Mu Niang ..

讓你成長讓妳進步..Allows you to make you grow and progress ..

壹: 母娘光明燈Optical light…母燈護身好運連連.Mu Niang Lamps ..Good Luck!!!



母娘點燈十二願   Mu Niang lighting  Twelve willing

壹願:  事業興旺.仕途高昇   1st wish: Bussiness prosperity. Career soaring

貳願:身體健康.長命百歲    2nd wish: Good health long life

參願:招財進寶.金玉滿堂     3rd wish: Good Fortune. Feast

肆願:四季無災.八節有慶     4th wish:  Four seasons without disaster. Eight solar terms have celebration.

伍願:學業進步.青春快樂      5th wish:  Academic progress. Youthful happiness

陸願:家庭和樂.兒孫滿堂  6th wish: harmonious family. Full of Children

柒願:人間有情.真愛相隨    7th wish: Heart of Gold. Love is everywhere.

捌願:法喜充滿.心神安寧     8th wish: Full Happiness, Ataraxia

玖願:家宅平安.富貴豐饒    9th wish: the family home safely. Rich rich

拾願:美夢成真.所求如願   10th wish: The dream comes true. The request to do so

拾壹願:闔家團圓.喜事臨門   11th wish: Family-reunion. Wedding Blessings

拾貳願:諸事如意.好運連年  12th wish:everything go wishful. Good luck year after year

(每名三佰元 Each Nt$300)

壬辰年(2012)年母娘光明燈Optical light 每盞新台幣$300元(Nt$300)

..請以ATM轉帳   銀行代碼:700【郵局】帳號:0051008-1745371   或.. 請利用郵政劃撥30369259 陳泓仁  並註明你的姓名..住址..牲肖..及要點燈的種類

indicate your name address .. .. ..  the type of lighting

Beneficiary Bank : Citibank Taiwan LTD Taipei,  Taiwan, R.O.C..,

Swift Code: CITITWTX

ADD:No.320,Chuiyang Rd,East Dist.,  Chiayi City 600,Taiwan R.O.C

Beneficiary Name : Chen Horng Ren

Beneficiary Account No :9150707373

Beneficiary Telephone No : 886937618850

母娘慈悲賜福 ...咨詢05-2534791  e-mail: akingate@hotmail.com

Mu Niang mercy bless ...consulting 05-2534791 e-mail: akingate@hotmail.com

崑崙山每逢農曆初一十五皆為點燈信徒..誦經祈福  Kunlun Mountains, the first and fifteenth every lunar  are chanting prayers for all lighting believers ..

貳:壬辰年(2012)年太歲燈..Jupiter light..


壬辰年(2012)年太歲彭泰星君 太歲燈點燈祈福 Imjin Year (2012) in Jupiter  Peng Tai Xing Jun  Jupiter Light  Lighting blessing

壬辰年(2012)年犯正沖者.. Imjin Year (2012) who was guilty of being red ..

屬龍/屬狗    The dragon / Dog

壬辰年(2012)年犯偏沖者…  Imjin Year (2012) who was guilty of partial red ...

屬羊/屬牛   The Goat / ox

點壬辰年(2012)年太歲燈..每盞新台幣伍佰元 Point Imjin Year (2012) in Jupiter Light . Five hundred NT per lamp

壬辰年(2012)年太歲符 Imjin Year (2012) charm in Jupiter


太歲符  Tai Sae Charm


參: 3: 文昌武曲 Wenchang  Wu Qu 狀元拜相燈..Champion Prime minister lights

瑤池西王金母娘娘御賜.. Yozu Mu Niang Gift

狀元拜相銅匾..Copper plaque 事業開展..Business to carry out ..

狀元及第..Foremost person in the field 金榜題名..Examination Success

仕途高昇..Career soaring 學業進步..Academic progress ..

早生貴子..Got Baby


狀元拜相銅匾;Champion Prime minister Copper Plaque;

據說這是乾隆皇御賜科舉狀元的銅匾 It is said to Emperor Qianlong Gift Champion Prime minister Copper Plaque;

崑崙祖師年輕的時候從厦門進入大陸 Kunlun founder young to enter the mainland from the Xiamen

適當的機緣輾轉穫得此寶物.. Appropriate opportunity obtains this treasure ..

帶回來放在瑤池宮內.. Brought back on the Yozu Palace

此銅匾歷史已超過百年歷史 The history of Copper Plaque is more than a century

母娘灌頂真言 Mu Niang Blessing mantra !!!

北斗九辰  Beidou nine gods     中天大神  God in the big

上朝金闕  Towards a imperial palace    下覆崑崙  Covered under the Kunlun

調理綱紀  Conditioning discipline    統制乾坤 Control universe

大魁貪狼  Candidate,Entertainer    巨門祿存  Examiner,Crown

文曲廉貞  Composer,Thrift    武曲破軍  Knight,Raider

高上玉皇  High on the Jade Emperor    紫微帝君  Purple King

大周天界  celestial sphere    細入微塵  Fine into the dust

何災不滅  Any disaster will extinguish    何福不臻  Any blessing will attain

元皇正炁  The original emperor has strong energy!!!    來合我身  The strong energy comes to my body!!

天罡所指 Referred to the Plows  晝夜常輪  Day and night, often Operates

俗居小人  an Secular unimportant person  好道求靈  seeking spiritual for Taoism

願見尊儀  Would like to see the respect God!! 永保長生  Eternal longevity

三台虛精  Three flats : virtual fine 六淳曲生  Six pure ,  Lives curving

生我養我  Birth me , Raise me 護我身形 Protect my body!!!


母娘灌頂御賜  Mu Niang Blessing Gift!!!

文昌武曲 Wenchang  Wu Qu 狀元拜相燈..Champion Prime minister lights


特:白虎尊神虎財燈..White Tiger deity..(Tiger fiscal lights)

瑤池西王金母娘娘腳力..The assistant of West Yozu Mu Niang

西方金財位–白虎尊神..White Tiger deity..(Golden West Financial position)

求財求福虎爺最靈..seek happiness and money. White Tiger deity is spiritual

(每名新台幣伍佰元) (Five hundred per NT)

瑤池宮有聞名全省十八尺白虎尊神,Yozu Palace is known for White Tiger deity which is eighteen feet,

這是母娘的腳力,This is the assistant of West Yozu Mu Niang

古代有五行方位,There are five elements of ancient position,

以地球中土為中心  as a center of the earth

天體有四象  There are four beasts in heaven!!!

即東西南北有四獸鎮守,There are four beasts that guard the East and West,North,South

東宮青龍屬木,南宮朱雀屬火,East is a dragon belong to wood,South is red phoenix belong to fire.

西宮白虎屬金,北宮玄武屬水,West is white tiger belong to gold,North is Black Tortoise belong to water!!!

五行之中西方屬金為尊位, Among the five elements  Western is belong to gold For the high places,

西方有瑤池西王金母,The Western lives Yozu Golden Queen Mother

母養群品、極化長存、Parent support group materials, polarization forever,

位配西方、以白虎尊神為腳力 Position with the West, The assistant is white tiger deity.

就是這個緣故  That Is for this reason

請利用郵政劃撥30369259 陳泓仁  並註明你的姓名..住址..牲肖..及要點燈的種類 indicate the address and your name ..and animal Xiao, the type of lighting

母娘慈悲賜福   Mu Niang blessing you

咨詢Consulting  05-2534791  e-mail: akingate@hotmail.com

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